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 “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein Annnnnd the story of Elly continues…a little gift…a little girl…a little … Continue reading 

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 New life. There’s nothing like watching a tiny little being enter the world.  Wet, wrinkly skin, scrunched up face, pleading cry, and outstretched arms; waiting to be held…waiting to see their mommy’s eyes…waiting to be loved.  Those first hours of … Continue reading 

Little People… – East TX Portrait Photographer

So I promised more pictures of my nieces and nephews… :)

Funny how many different expressions, giggles and smiles you can capture during a 5 minute photo shoot!  But that’s how children are, and that’s why I love taking photos of Little People.

The girls will always get the guys’ attention…. ;)

Ok, so now let me introduce you to each of these cuties!

Nigel – just turned three, has the brightest blue eyes, is a cautious little man, and when you get him to laugh (unless he makes you laugh first, :) you’ll see two little dimples that you’ll never forget.

Reuben – is about to turn two (and is literally in his “Terrible Twos”) has the whitest hair I’ve ever seen, and is going to be an Indiana Jones when he grows up (He loves to get into everything and anything… “Mission Chapstick!!!” :)

Jenna – is just over a year old, is a little princess with a streak of spunk through her, uses about 199 different facial expressions, and loves helping her little sister, Annabelle.

Annabelle – is perfect.  The end. :)  She is almost 4 months old, a beauty if I ever saw one, was named after Sophie Annabel Covey (or so I like to think. ;) and like I said, is pretty much perfect.

So now you know why I love being a photographer!  Sure, I get some tears and drool sometimes, but it’s all worth it.  Love you four to the moon and back!

Oh and guess what?!!  Lord willing, I’ll get two new nieces or nephews this Fall!!!  So excited!

Don’t forget to smile!

[ Sophie ]