{ Hunter Family } – Longview, TX Family Portrait Photographer

Alright y’all!  Remember that big family from a few days ago?!  :)

I’d like to introduce you the the Hunter family… ALL of the Hunter family!  :)

Trying to get 12 people to look at the camera AND smile at the same time can be challenging but considering even that, this photo shoot turned out to be an awesome adventure!

Cute family, huh?! :)

This is Elijah…ok if you have seen the movie “Up”, you will know why this little boy reminds you of someone. ;)  Too cute!

Abigail, Elijah’s little sister

The Hunter’s were so good and even color coordinated each family!  Blue family is next!

It was so neat to watch this couple speak to each other in Spanish!  He is a missionary and met his wife on one of his missions…She doesn’t speak English but can say “thank you”. :)

I think they love their little Matthew. ;)

The “Reds”


Caught in the moment…

Alright guys, line up!

Gals, you’re next!

They had me replicate a photo that was taken when they were all really little, and then again a few years ago.  I still have yet to see the original… :)


Ok, is that perfect or what?!

It only took me a million shots to finally get these two little rascals to even LOOK at me!!! (well, ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a wee bit…)

Abigail telling all her woes to her new rock friend.

Poor thing!!

Wow she cheered up quickly! :)

Daddy’s little girl…

The original six!

So for being nervous about having 12 people to take picture of, at the end of the photo shoot I felt I had known this family forever!  They were comfortable, super easy to work with, and gave me great ideas along the way.  Thanks Hunter family!  It was a privilege to work with you!

Thanks for looking, ya’ll!

Don’t forget to smile,

[ Sophie ]

{To come…} East TX Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Well I am officially back from vacation – now you know why I haven’t posted anything for a while! ;)  To let you know I’m still taking pictures, here is one….  More of this fabulous family to come soon!

(Pssst, I may even let you in on my vacation and exciting news in a future post…)

Don’t forget to smile!

[ Sophie ]

Olivia – East Texas Portrait Photographer

This is Olivia….a precious little girl with the greatest smile! :)  I was so privileged to do a photo shoot of her a while back, and the photos I was able to capture are some of my favorites ever.  This is one of them….

I am entering it to another photo contest. (I know, that’s about all I’ve done on this blog so far, but hey, it’s exciting to see who will win the next challenge… and who doesn’t like an adventure?! ;)  But this time, it’s for one of my friendly commenters –  http://likechristmaseveryday.com/ so thanks, “Mrs. Claus”. :)

You may be wondering why I haven’t been routinely posting lately…well to tell you the truth, I’ve been super busy, but I do plan to….soon. :)  So keep an eye out and thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to smile!

[ Sophie ]

Annabelle Mae – Newborn Photo Shoot – Houston, TX Newborn Photographer

This adorable little baby is Annabelle Mae.  And I’m still getting over the fact that she’s my big brother’s little girl! :)

There’s something about a precious brand new baby – that sweet, sweet smell that a perfume company could never duplicate…

and that face…  (need I say more?! :)

those perfect lips and those little eyes that look at you and just stare.  :)

This just reminds me how much of a miracle life is!

This is one of my favorites.  A daddy and his baby girl.  So precious.

– Little feet –

And I can’t forget Jenna!  Jenna, now a big sister, turned one only a week before Annabelle was born. :)

She is one of a kind!

Now for some of my favorite shots. :)

Is that cute or what?!

A perfect miracle.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more perfect baby!  We arranged her atop her “throne” and she just laid there perfectly still the whole time!

Can’t get enough of baby feet! :)

I thought surely she’d let out at least a small cry when we decided to change props, but nope!  I guess she decided to be perfect for her auntie. ;)

As the two little sisters were getting their diapers changed at the same time, we knew we just had to take this picture. :)  And daddy didn’t even mind! :)

Sleeping Beauty.

Awww, I think Jenna is going to be the best big sister!

This picture is classic!

Thanks Spencer and Katie for letting be a part of your new daughter’s first days of her life in this world!  It was so fun being able to capture all her sweetness!  Love you guys!

Don’t forget to smile!

 [ Sophie ]