sillk in the sunlight – War Eagle, AR Lifestyle Photographer


One morning, I was awoken and told to go outside and get pictures of “hundreds of cobwebs hanging on our trees”; it wasn’t a joke!  It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!  God made these tiny creatures capable … Continue reading 

i {heart} faces – Letter “C” Photo Challenge

I actually have four “C” photos to enter into I Heart Faces’ monthly ABC photo challenge… It’s all just for fun! :)


These are my adorable nieces and nephews…  Even though they don’t know the definition of the word, LOVE, I’d say they sure know how to show it to each other.  :)




Coming Soon: More picture of my nieces and nephews…. :)

Don’t forget to smile!

[ Sophie ]

Olivia – East Texas Portrait Photographer

This is Olivia….a precious little girl with the greatest smile! :)  I was so privileged to do a photo shoot of her a while back, and the photos I was able to capture are some of my favorites ever.  This is one of them….

I am entering it to another photo contest. (I know, that’s about all I’ve done on this blog so far, but hey, it’s exciting to see who will win the next challenge… and who doesn’t like an adventure?! ;)  But this time, it’s for one of my friendly commenters – so thanks, “Mrs. Claus”. :)

You may be wondering why I haven’t been routinely posting lately…well to tell you the truth, I’ve been super busy, but I do plan to….soon. :)  So keep an eye out and thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to smile!

[ Sophie ]